File 'n Style Nail Studio offers a full selection of Bio Sculpture treatments incl manicures, mini pedis, gel overlays and damaged nail treatments

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November 30 2017

Playing around a bitβ€πŸ’…

November 2 2017

Bohemian beauty πŸ’… I love this blue! #biosculpture #inspiredbyminelliart

October 30 2017

Hi ladies, please allow the following times for treatments. Please also note that bio sculpture is not a quick uv gel application, each application is built with an upper arch built to shape each nail and art can also take a bit of time depending on your design. I prefer to put in the time, love and care into each set of nails so that I can make sure you get the look that you want.

Consult (if you haven't chosen anything beforehand) - 10 min
Plain overlay - 45 min
Soak off - 30 min
Art - all  

October 28 2017
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Sometimes less is more πŸ’… stay warm!!! ❄❄❄ #biosculpturenails

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